Field memes

You can tell me your number. I won’t judge.

(Condescending Willy Wonka)

Having no internet, I called home to find out the conversion factor from kilograms to pounds. I got an answer to the nearest 0.0001 pound. My dad is Wikipedia.


This brand-new Antillean nighthawk chick is not quite ridiculously photogenic. In fact it looks like a Shih-Tzu had a baby with a caterpillar.

This incubating killdeer is disappointed that you never returned The Westing Game to your fourth-grade teacher, The Golden Compass to your friend Joe, or the blue mechanical pencil you borrowed during Spanish class from Kerri Nelson in 1998.

This tricolored heron thinks you need a better camera, but privately agrees that given your track record with field equipment, the first thing you’d do would be to drop it in the marsh.

This clapper rail wonders if your excessive involvement in extracurricular activities might be hindering your progress in graduate school. (Sigh.)

This fledgling mangrove cuckoo suggests shoring up your statistics knowledge so you can finish analyzing data instead of quitting out of SPSS, crawling into bed, and watching old videos of Kelly Clarkson on American Idol.

End confessional, begin second half of field season. Tomorrow is another day.


3 responses to “Field memes

  1. I may have spent all day trying to come up with other ones:

    Perhaps a “Keanu Conspiracy”:

    What if monogamy in birds…. is the exception, not the rule?!?

    Or Lame Pun Raccoon:

    “Oh, you gave my socks to that other guy. That’s ok, I have an Extra Pair.”

    It wasn’t a very successful day.

  2. Not Red Wings anymore? =)

  3. Hi Mok-Yi! Nope, I’m finally done with three years of redwings. Now I’m sampling their harder-to-reach cousins for a different study. Next year I’m going to California for a third blackbird species and seeing if I can visit Cuba for the final two. Fingers crossed!

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