About Me

irenephotoIn eighth grade, my classmates and I were interviewed by Fox News for a discussion on TV guidelines and parental controls. I remember arguing against censorship, because if we stopped nature programs from showing footage of animals fighting/eating/mating with each other, then they wouldn’t be educational anymore. Fox News didn’t air my response.

Not surprisingly, I ended up getting a Ph.D. on the evolution of animal mating systems. Each summer I traveled to different sites in North America to collect data on breeding birds. My research asked (a) why individuals from monogamous species often cheat on each other, and (b) whether their behavior translated to changes on the molecular level. I graduated a few years ago, and now I’m a postdoc at the University of Maryland studying the sperm biology of some really fascinating mice.

I write this blog for a broad audience: friends and family keeping track of my whereabouts; academic colleagues who are veterans in the field and lab; and anyone interested in snapshots of natural history. The blog goes mostly quiet in when I’m not on field trips or excursions, but I always fire it up whenever I see something I’d like to share. As George Clooney said in “Up in the Air,” life’s better with company.


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